Catharina Algera

Years ago, when my daughter brought her horse Chex to Caitewick Western Stables she said to me ‘’Mom, Chex is now at a 5 star hotel!’’ Once we came to Caitewick we never left even though it was far away from our house in Gouda. Caitewick has nice large stables, lots of ‘outside’ time for your horse, good care, good training from Walt and Peet, and it’s cozy! We are going on another adventure this summer by stabling Chex at our home, close to Peet and Walt in Moordrecht. But again, we had some wonderful years at Caitewick! Thanks team Caitewick!

Nikita van Nimwegen

Very happy with this super accommodation close to home. The horses get the best care with both inside and outside unlimited roughage, they get turned out daily in large drained paddocks, they have big clean boxes, nice and skilled staff, etc. Moreover, top facilities such as a large arena with good reining soil, a horse-walker, washing places with hot water and a solarium are also not lacking. In short, the best you can give your horse.

Caroline van Grinsven

Beautiful company, nice people…..
Top location for reiners & there horses !

Don Boyd

Top facility, super nice friendly people !

Susanne de Smit

Fantastic accommodation for horse and rider. Beautiful large stables and the horses go out every day for at least half a day. Nice large indoor hall with a perfect cleaning floor. Cozy stable with great care for the horses.

Marie Hermal

Wonderful stable, wonderful horses, wonderful stallions and wonderful people… �
What else??



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