Youngster Group

Our strength in rearing is using small herds with daily control. In this way any possible health problems are quickly discovered. They come regularly in our hands, which makes them calmer and easier to handle.

For pregnant mares and the rearing of young horses we offer:

A stallion- and a maregroup
3.5 hectares of grassland
2 spacious walk-in stables
1 mare box
24 hours of access to hay
2 times a day extra feeding

Foals from the age of 3 weeks are given Pavo Podostart up to 8 months. After that they will be fed with Pavo Podogrow up to 30 months. The pregnants are given Pavo Podolac from the 9th month and during the suckling period.

Daily control
The Youngsters costs are € 200 (up to 3 year)
Foal and mare until weaning costs € 300, after weaning prices will be calculated individually.
The farrier comes every 6 weeks and worm cures are given when necessary. This will be charged on your monthly invoice. We will keep this up for you.

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