The Caitewick Western Stables started in 2004 in Kootwijkerbroek. The name Caitewick finds its origin here, because it is the English translation of Kootwijkerbroek. It started in the beginning as a hobby by focusing on the breeding of American Paint Horses, with a specific focus on introducing more colour and talent in the reining sport. With the import of the American Paint Horse stallion ‘I Cee Diamonds’ and two broodmares ‘Sizzling Listo’ and ‘My Smoking Kick Deebar’ a start was made with the breeding program.

In 2010 the hobby got more professional as Henk Hendrikse (owner) moved from Kootwijkerbroek to Barneveld, where he built a beautiful stable in American western style. In 2013 Caitewick started collaboration with the trainers Walter Bouwmeester and Petra van Ede, who came to live at Caitewick together with their son Mick. From that moment on the focus moved to the sport and the training of reining horses. As a result of the growth of the company, Miranda Hendrikse (sister) became employed as manager in 2014. In that way Henk could give more attention again to his own road construction company: H.G. Hendrikse Wegenbouw.

The Caitewick Western Stables is well known to those who practice the reining sport. They know who we are and what we stand for. We have an ideal training location for both non-pro’s as professionals. Therefore, we play an important role in the reining sport.
Within our expert team the care for the horses is the most important. In addition to optimal care for your horse a good service to our customers is also very important to us.

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