The Caitewick Team consists of:

Miranda Hendrikse

In 2014 I started working at Caitewick Stables as the manager. Initially to help Henk with human resource management and the care of the Caitewick horses, but soon my tasks and responsibilities were expanded.

I used to ride just for recreational purposes on my horse. The western reining sport was completely new for me. My curiosity and passion for the reining sport increased every day. Caitewick and Bouwmeester have been a golden combination. Due to the cooperation with Walter and Petra we have rapidly grown the past 4 years.
My most important spearhead is rest, regularity and cleanness. Quality is the most important for me, especially when it comes to feeding management, stable flooring and human resource management. We do everything to provide our sport horses with a good basis so they can go for the maximum result at the shows.

Martine Bommer-Okker

II’m married to Hein Pieter (HP) Okker and together we have two children, Finn and Mats. When I was 10 years old I started horse riding at a riding school. I first started with dressage but later also with jumping. During my study I didn’t really had time to continue horse riding but that changed when I met HP. He also wanted to learn horse riding, but not in those ‘tidy jeans’ most English riders wear. That’s when we started western riding in 1995. We immediately bought our first quarter horse: Redsuns Rose Blossom. Not much later we bought our second horse: Freedom San Bar. Since then we are devoted to the American Quarter Horse and especially to the reining sport.

In 2014 we started training at Walter Bouwmeester and Petra van Ede and that’s how we ended up at the beautiful accommodation of Caitewick Western Stables. Since 2015 I’m helping Caitewick with the work in the stables. As a Caitewick team we do our best to make it as pleasant as possible for both horse and rider so that both can perform the best they can. A fit and happy horse gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Michelle Jans

I am a part-time stable worker at Caitewick. My number one priority is horse welfare. Besides working at Caitewick I am working as a freelancer in the horse industry.

Maartje Timmer

I am a part-time stable worker at Caitewick. I am motivated and a hard worker. For me horse welfare comes above everything. During my work I try to get to know every single horse so I can give them their individual needs.
Besides that, I strive to make the customer’s visit at Caitewick as pleasant as possible. I do this by keeping the terrain tidy and being a friendly contact person.

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